Friday, May 20, 2016

Building A Garden Storage Shed

Building a garden storage shed to store all the pool stuff during the winter

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

We bought a 9' x 17' x 5' pool but since our kids are still a bit too small, we decided not to put it up this year but instead use our cheapo 12' round (2' deep) walmart pool for one more year. Running out of place to store our stuff and considering how many parts came with the new pool I decided to build a 3' by 8' garden shed right beside the area we'll be setting up the pool.

The process was pretty simple:

1. Prepare the site by stripping the sod and putting a 4" layer of gravel
2. Build the base with pressure treated 2x4s and a 3/4" OSB floor
3. Build the walls with 2x2s and 1/2" OSB sheathing
4. Build the roof with 2x4s and 1/2" OSB sheathing
5. Installing the trim around the roof edge
6. Installing the drip edge around the roof edge
7. Installing the tar paper & roof shingles
8. Installing the siding
9. Fitting and installing the doors
10. Installing the door hardware
11. Build the shelves
12. Paint the exterior


The lumber from home depot
Marking the site
Getting my boy to help me clean up the removed sod
Another view
Ready for the gravel
After the gravel base was laid
The base in its place
Framing the rear wall
Cutting up 2x2s
Sheathing the rear wall
Framing the side walls
Framing the front wall
Sheathing the front wall
Installing the roof
After the roof was sheathed
Installing Tyvek house wrap
The house wrap done
The tongue & groove boards used for siding
After the roof shingles were installed
Installing the wood siding
The siding almost done
Another view
The siding (minus the doors) done
Framing the doors
The siding and doors done
Close-up of the doors
After the shed was painted
Rear view of the shed before it was moved
Another view of the painted shed after it was moved against the fence
Both doors open
Another view
Close-up of the finished shed
From a bit further away
A view from the deck
Table saw
Chop saw
Measuring tape & pencil
Framers square
Poly square
Garden rake
Wheel barrow
Air compressor
Framing nail gun
Staple gun
Hand stapler
Crow bar
Cordless drill
Extension chords
Saw horses
Pipe clamps
Roofing nail gun
Tin snips
Hand planer
Circular saw
Yard wagon
HLVP paint gun

7 - 4x8 - 1/2" OSB
2 - 4x8 - 1/2" OSB
2 - 2x4 - 8' PT
2 - 2x4 - 12' PT
10 - 2x4 - 8'
4 - 2x4 - 12'
Narrow crown staples 1-1/4"
3-1/4" galvanized framing nails
3-1/4" regular framing nails
2-3/8" galvanized framing nails
2-3/8" regular framing nails
1/2 roll of roofing nails
1 pack of shingles
80 - 1x6 - 8' tongue & groove boards for siding
4 hinges
2 door latches
1-1/4" deck screws
2" deck screws
3" deck screws
1 gal of deck stain


30 hrs


Although it looks great and is very solid and quite a bit cheaper than a cheapo home depot or Canadian Tire garden shed, I'd probably buy the next one instead of making it as I don't really enjoy building these kinds of things anymore and it took a LOT longer than I anticipated.


Unknown said...

This is one of the better instructionals for building a storage shed that I've found on the internet. Thanks for sharing this! I might actually be able to get started with your help!

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