Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bench Top Drill Press

Refurbishing my 8" Jobmate drill press

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

I bought this drill press at an auction for $15 bucks last fall and I figured that if I sand blasted it and gave it a nice coat of paint it would probably sell for 50 or 60 bucks. Since it's been standing around in my shop for too many months months, I wanted to get it done. I had the DIY Sand Blasting Cabinet all set up for my Metal Band Saw refurbishing project (blog to come) so it was now or never.

Taking it apart took about 15 minutes, sand blasting took another 30. The vertical column was pretty corroded so after sand blasting it I put it in my lathe and used some emery cloth to shine it up really nice. The painting  only took about 15 minutes and after the paint was all dry, I put it back together and have to say that I am amazed how much of a difference some paint can make. See for yourself.

The rusted drill press the way I bought it
Another view
Close-up of the depth stop
After the depth stop was removed
Close up of the rust
Masking off the decals
Masking off the spindle and other sensitive parts
Some of the smaller parts
After sand blasting
Close up of sand blasted parts
Painted base
Painted work table
After it was put together
Another view
Inside the speed change box
Front view
Close-up of the depth stop
DIY Sand Blasting Cabinet
Lathe and accessories (for cleaning up the vertical column)
Alan key
Pulley extractor
Needle nose pliers

1/2 can of black gloss metal paint


2 hrs


Looks really nice. Maybe I should keep it for myself...


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