Friday, January 20, 2017

Making an Aluminum Follow (Travelling) Rest for my Emco Maximat V10 Metal Lathe

I just finished another blog entry on Making an Aluminum Follow (Travelling) Rest - Reloaded because this one didn't turn out as I had expected (see end of video for reason why)

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I've run into an issue when I was fixing a worn out cross slide for an old 1906 Rahn Mayer Carpenter lathe that the threaded rod was bending under the pressure of the cutting tool that I had to make several more passes in the middle to get the threaded rod all even. In that case I could have used a follow rest to provide the back pressure against the tool.

When I found out that a friend of mine had bought a new lathe with a follow rest that fit perfectly on mine as far as the height was concerned I asked him if I could borrow his follow rest as well as his steady rest and decided to cast one for me.

I also asked the guys on the Yahoo Emco Larger Lathes group whether anyone wanted one and ended up getting 4 orders, one from Newfoundland, one from Ontario, one from France and one from Norway.

The process is pretty well described in the video. Feel free to ask me any questions though.


One of the molds ready for casting

Close-up of the mold

Removing the original pattern with help of a welding magnet

The follow rest on my lathe

Machining one of the faces

Machining the other face

Machining the bottom of the follow rest

A view from the back side of the lathe

The finished casting with the extended foot

The other side of the follow rest with the extended foot

Another view

Another view
Milling the underside of the steady rest

Drilling the hole for the tie-down bolt

Starting to machine the brass contact points

The brass contact points almost done

Another view

Starting on the tie-down bolts

After the layout fluid was washed off
Drilling the cross hole

Tapping the cross hole

The finished tie-down bolts
The finished adjustment knobs

The assembled adjustment knobs and tie-down bolts

The brass contact points done

Close-up of the follow rest

Front side close-up of the follow rest

The follow rest in all its glory
Amazing that I could start with this...

...and end with this
Adjustment screw dimensions

Brass contact point dimensions

Locking bolt dimensions


Aluminum foundry & accessories
Table saw
Angle grinder
Eye & ear protection
Metal lathe & accessories
9" Drywall knife

2 lbs of aluminum




Looks great. Now on to the finishing touches


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