Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ducati Cucciolo Kickstand

Create 4 kickstands and brackets for the ducati cucciolo.

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

This one was actually quite tricky because the brackets that screw into the cucciolo engine was originally created with a sand-cast/injection mold process. It had three different directions and not just up and down like most casts so when mom & dad came for a visit last month we must have spent 3 or 4 hours staring at that part and thinking how the heck we'd be able to cast this part.

After they went back home life got busy and a month later I finally decided to give it a go. The kickstand bracket was so complex that I ended up having to weld a metal insert just so I could position the part onto my sand mold without it tipping over.

First step was to fill in the drag, set the kickstand bracket with the metal insert on it and fill in the cope (top part). Afterwards I flipped it over and pulled out the bracket with the metal insert.

Second step was to put the kickstand bracket back into the mold and fill up the cavity that the metal insert left with sand/sodium silicate to create the core with the ribs on the side.

Third step, empty the drag, put it upside down on the cope and fill it with green sand.

Step four, take off the drag (which is now on top), flip it over to where it belongs, pull the kickstand bracket (with the core) out of the cope

Step five, pull the core out of the kickstand bracket and set it flat on the drag

Step six, clean up the cope, cut the runner, the in-gates, etc and put the cope back on top of the drag

Do this 6 times in a row! Took me about an hour the first time and by the end I got each mold made in about 45 minutes, not including the actual casting

Step seven was the fun part: melting aluminum and filling it into the mold, wait for 30 minutes and shake out the mold.

Step eight was cleaning up the casts with the table saw, a SS rasp and lastly with the angle grinder.

Phew, I am glad it's done! Now I can ship them off to England and Quebec where the guys live are that ordered them...

Welded metal insertto fill in the gap in the kickstand bracket and to keep it from wiggling

Insert in the bracket

Put the bracket, runner and risers on the drag

Baby powder to keep the cope sand from sticking to the drag sand

Put the cope frame on

Filling the cope with sand

After cope was filled and compacted

After cope was scraped off

Separate the cope and the drag to reveal the bracket, metal insert, runner and risers

Pulling the metal insert out of the bracket

The metal insert after it was removed

Pulling out the bracket

After the bracket was pulled out

put the bracket back into the cope
Using silica sand and sodium silicate (40%)

Using CO2 to harden the sand

Silica sand/sodium silicate core in the cope

Baby powder drag and putting the drag on top of the cope

After drag was compacted with green sand

Drag was scraped off

Separate the cope and drag

Pull the bracket with the sand core out of the cope

Remove the core from the bracket

Placing the core back on the drag

Preparing the in-gate and risers

Firing up the furnace and pour

After 30 minutes, shake out the parts
The rough cast

Amazing how the details of the screw shows up

The spent cores

After clean-up. The bottom center is the original bracket

The ridges that made this part so ridiculously hard to cast

Another angle

Turned out quite nice I must say

The legs that go with the brackets. I only made 4 last month with my dad

Another view of the kickstand legs

Foundry furnace
Green sand
Copes and drags
MIG welder
Oxy/Acetylene torch
Angle grinder
Ear muffs
Spatula for the auto body filler
Measuring tape
Channel lock pliers
Table saw
SS rasp
Screw driver

4" piece of 2" pipe for the metal insert
Auto body fillerfor the metal insert
Aluminum cutting oil
Silica sand
Sodium silicate
CO2 tank

15hrs total (10hrs for brackets, 5hrs for kickstand legs)

I hope it is acceptable to the people that ordered it.