Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fixing a Delonghi Magnifica EAM4500 Cappuccino Machine

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The above fixes were all done with my personal machine. Then, about 6 months ago someone contacted me through my blog and asked whether I could help him out with a "Generic Error" he got on his machine. I tried every trick in the bag but ended up not being able to get his machine working.

Instead of throwing it out, he generously agreed to send it up to Canada so I could have a go at it. After taking off some parts off my machine and testing it, I ended up concluding that the main mother board was fried. Luckily I had one for that exact machine from one of my previous attempts at fixing my own machine. After replacing the board and a bunch of other parts taken from my machine I did end up getting it to work.

All I had to do was order the broken parts online, replace them and now I have a fully functioning machine. I'm currently trying to sell it on ebay for $600 bucks (I have about $475 into it from parts and the $200 shipping to Canada cost), so I hope it will provide thousands of cups of beautiful java to the next owner.

The brew unit was quite rusted

The machine after I removed the brew element

Melted inlet pipe

All the parts taken off the machine to inspect and clean

The brew unit rusted

Cleaning all the parts

Another melted part

The cleaned up bracket

Another view

Cleaning the brew piston

The brew piston being taken apart, new o-rings installed and greased with food-grade silicone grease

The brew unit with molten plastic inside

Close-up of the calcium deposit and molten plastic

Painting the mounting bracket

Truing up the boil element on my surface plate

Shortly after I started

The brew element almost cleaned up

Getting ready to put it back together

I had to mill out and re-tap a broken off bolt

Close-up of the broken bolt

After I re-tapped the hole, testing the new bolt

Another view

The completely restored machine

She's a beauty

Clean as a whistle

So proud of her

The bean reservoir

Close-up of the beans

The only part that is still broken is a small rib in the plastic cover

Metal lathe & accessories
Screw driver
Surface plate

New motherboard
New water inlet adapter
New high-temp silicone o-rings
High temperature spray paint
Dental pick


15 hrs

I'm using it at work right now and some people are already very sad about the prospect of me selling the machine.


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