Sunday, February 14, 2016

Making A New Pot Lid Knob

Making a new knob for one of my mom-in-law's pot lid

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

The very first "actual" project that I used my lathe for shortly after I got it was replacing a little knob for one of our pot lids. Now, over half a year later I guess word got around that these knobs can be "fixed" so my mother in law brought her broken knob along with the lid it came off of.

This one was actually quite simple. The biggest challenge was to keep the Teflon in the chuck because it's so slippery and it wasn't a very big piece.

All I had to do is take a 2-1/8" hole saw, cut out a slug out of one of a couple of 1" thick pieces of Teflon I bought about 6 months ago for $20 at a scrap yard (which I've used for several small projects since), chuck it up in my lathe and turn it to its final shape.

Then I had to bore the inside out (0.160" deep), drill and tap a hole and clean it up and it was done. Scored some extra points with my mother in law (not that I had to though).


The broken knob
The lid and knob disassembled
Getting ready to cut out a chunk of 1" Teflon with a 2-1/8" hole saw
The slug after it was cut out
Chucking it up in the lathe
The underside bored to its proper dimensions
Drilling the hole in preparation for tapping it
The finished knob
Another view
Installed on the lid
Another view
And I got me another happy customer
Lathe & accessories
Hole saw
Tap & die set

2-1/2" by 2-1/2" by 1" piece of teflon


30 minutes

$20 bucks maybe?

It works great and my mother in law is happy


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