Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ejector Nut for Emco Maximat V10 Mill

Building an ejector nut to remove the tool jammed in the mill spindle

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

In order to cut the worm and worm gear for my Meatal Band Saw repair I had to be able to remove the tool that was jammed in the spindle for my mill and in order to do that, I had to follow another fairly lenghty rabbit trail as follows:

1. I wanted to remove the tool from the mill spindle
2. To do #1, I needed an ejector nut
3. To do #2, I needed to be able to cut an internal 1mm metric thread
4. To do #3, I needed a 39-tooth conversion gear
5. To do #4, I needed to have a fly cutter, a threading insert tool holder as well as a dividing head

After I built the Dividing Head, the 39-tooth conversion gear and the Threading Insert Tool Holder I was able to cut the 1mm internal thread with my Fly Cutter into the ejector nut and use the dividing head again to cut a 13mm hex nut at the other end.

This project was actually quite fun. Once I had all the tools I needed, all I had to do is turn down a piece of mild steel, drill, bore and thread one side and use the dividing head to cut a hex nut on the other end.

Once the ejector nut and the ejector pin were built it was simply a matter of taking a wrench on the ejector nut and an adjustable wrench on the mill holder side and tighten them up to eject the morse taper #2 (MT2) tool which was locked in the mill spindle.

The top of the mill spindle
Hand drawn diagram of ejector nut
AutoCAD diagram of ejector nut
Drilling and boring the ejector nut
Cutting the internal 1mm metric thread with the newly built threading insert tool holder
After the outside was knurled and the hex nut side was turned to size
Using the dividing head to cut the hex nut
Close-up of mill before the first cut
Getting ready to cut the second (of six) sides of the hex nut
Getting ready to cut the third side
The finished ejector nut
Another view
The ejector nut installed on top of the mill spindle
Another view
The removed end mill holder
Lathe and accessories
Dividing head
Angle grinder
Threading insert tool holder

2" of 1.25" cold rolled steel



Probably at least $50 bucks

I have now finally and successfully removed the MT2 end mill holder from the mill spindle


Philip Immoos said...

Is there a m10 thread to the cap from the end mill holder. To secure the mill end in the MT.

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