Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Diamond Dresser Tool Holder for my Emco Maximat V10 Metal Lathe

Finding a way to hold a diamond dressing tool to dress the grinding wheels on my Tool Post Grinder

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

After I built my Tool Post Grinder Holder to true up my 3-jaw chuck I needed a way to dress the grinding stone so I ordered some Diamond Dressing Tools on ebay and got started thinking about how to hold the tool in a way that is completely adjustable in all 3 axes.

After some thinking and researching I decided to create a base out of metal that clamps to the bed ways with a vertical threaded rod (adjustable in the z-axis), then have a horizontal piece of threaded rod which allows the tool to be adjusted in the x and y-axis and a last bushing that would allow turning the tool holder in different angles.

The horizontal piced had to be long enough to reach over the carriage of the lathe and it had to be sturdy enough not to bend when the diamond tip made contact with the grinding stone.

After the bushings were turned down and milled on one side, I brazed them to the threaded rod with some bronze brazing rods. I did this three times and drilled/tapped the final bushing to accept a bolt to tie down the diamond dresser.

In retrospect, I probably could have simplified things a bit and lose some of the adjustability, but since it won't be used all that often it will do just fine.

Also, although I used 5/8" threaded rod, the tool holder is still a bit more flexible than I would have liked it to be.

Drilling the support brackets
The finished diamond dressing tool holder
Another view
Measuring tape
Drill press

12" of 5/8" threaded rod
2" of 1-1/2" cold rolled steel
3" by 4" by 1/4" mild steel plate
Two 5/8" nuts cut in half
Brazing rod
1 set screw




I would probably give it a 6 out of 10 because there's a bit more flex in the threaded rod than what I would have liked it to be.


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