Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hockey Jersey Display Case

Building a hockey jersey display case for our former youth pastor

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

I was asked to build a jersey case for our former church's former youth pastor as a sign of appreciation of all the years of heart and love and time he has invested in this ministry. To me it was a fairly sentimental project because he has grown to be a close friend of mine and I know the passion he has for seeing teens grow in their love for Jesus.

There are many frames out there that are fairly straight forward, pretty simple and would probably do the job for most situations but I wanted this to be something of high value to reflect the quality and love he has invested in these teens.

The first thing I had to do after I got the custom-made jersey is take the measurements, cut and plane down some solid oak for the sides. The trim was too intricate to make so I had to go buy that at Kent but I couldn't believe how expensive that stuff was. It was like $40 for a short 6 foot piece.

After I got the trim I had to cut out a recess so I could mount it on the side frame and another recess for the glass to slide in. Because I wanted to make it removable I had to cut a slot into the top piece where the glass could be taken out in case he ever wanted to change the shirt or if the glass pane broke.

After squaring it up and gluing it all together I did a test fit with the shirt and the glass pane, then gave two nice coats of black paint. The last thing to do was to cut up a piece of wood for the back and one to hang up the shirt inside the case.

Pat, you are an incredible person, have such a passion for these teens and I admire that more than a little jersey frame could ever express!

The shirt folded the way it will sit in the case
The trims
The wood notched and ready to be glued together
Gluing the side and top trim together
Many clamps to evenly glue it together
Cutting the angles on the miter saw
A close-up of the end of the trim
Two of the pieces ready to be glued together
Doing a test fit
Notching out the top trim to allow sliding out the glass pane
Another view of the slot in the top trim
Gluing the frame together
Painting the back
Another view
The frame put together
Cutting the wood to hang the jersey
The finished jersey case
Another view
Another view
Honoring an amazing man
Table saw
Chop saw
Measuring tape
Belt sander
Hand file
Paint brush
Ratchet straps

16' of 1"x2" solid oak
16' of solid oak trim
3' x 3' piece of 1/8" hardboard
3' x 3' piece of 1/8" glass


This was a fun project for an amazing person


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