Monday, October 26, 2015

DIY Tool Post Grinder for Emco Maximat V10 Metal Lathe

Making a tool post grinder for my emco maximat v10 metal lathe

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

A little while after I got my metal lathe I noticed that the jaws of my self-centring 5" 3-jaw Emco chuck were not running as true as I wanted it to so after some research I found several videos of people who used a tool post grinder to surface grind the hardened jaws down to true centric.

The only problem was that I didn't want to spend $700 on a Dumore tool post grinder. However, I had already bought a die grinder at Harbor Freight a few years back that could handle mounted tip grinding stones with a shank of 1/4".

Now, all I had to figure out is how to make a holder for my die grinder so I could mount it to my compound slide. After checking out a whole bunch of videos and articles I came up with my own design. Since I already had my Home Foundry and my Propane Burner set up I got ready to cast me some parts, then used the mill head on my lathe to mill it to specs.

After it was all finished I was able to mound my grinding stone in the die grinder, attach it to the compound rest, true it up with a 1 carat diamond dresser and grind my lathe jaws. Now I run within 1.5 thousandths runout at about 6" away from the chuck. Not too bad for a 42 year old lathe.



Pattern for the tool post grinder base
Another view
All the patterns
Another view
Finished drag for one part
Finished mold
Another mold
Cast bracket with expanded riser
Spreading out the dry green sand
Rehydrating the green sand for the next cast
Mulling the rehydrated green sand by hand
The patterns and the cleaned up casts
Turning the smaller ring
Another view
Cutting a chunk of 3.5" aluminum for the larger circle
Drilling the larger circle with 1" drill
Boring the larger circle to size
Cleaning up the outside of the larger circle
Cleaning up the larger circle
Harbor freight die grinder with larger circle done
Larger circle mounted on the die grinder
Both rings on the die grinder where they'll end up going
Cast of the vertical support bracket
Cleaned up support bracket
Milling the support bracket
Teaching my girl some metal working skills. Can't start them too early!
Milling the base
Another view of the base
Tapping the base for the vertical bracket tie-down bolt
The almost finished bracket base (before the main hole was drilled)
One of the rings mounted on the vertical bracket
Another view
My son tapping the larger ring. He's a pro by now!
Clamping the larger ring for some machining
Milling the slot for the tightening bolt
Another view
Cutting the slot on the band saw
Tapping the larger ring
The finished larger ring
Another view
The finished (vertical) bracket that bolts to the base
Another view
Side view
Slightly different angle
And one more
The mounted grinder on the compound slide
Another angle
Another angle
Close-up of the finish ground jaws

Home Foundry & accessories
Propane Burner
Chop saw
Measuring tape
Metal scribe
Table saw
Metal lathe & accessories
Mill & accessories
Band sander
Hand saw
Tap & die set
Air die grinder
Stainless steel rasp
Step drill
Drill bits
Drill press
Electric die grinder
Digital calipers

10 lbs aluminum
7 bolts
1" of 1" cold rolled steel
Tap magic fluid

Less than $10.00

15 hrs


It's totally amazing


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