Monday, June 17, 2013

Trampoline Moving Wheels

Create some wheels to easily move the trampoline so Mel can mow the lawn under it

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

This year we decided not to go on a vacation but to buy a good quality trampoline instead. I set it up in April and since then, that trampoline has been used SO much; it has literally become a neighborhood attraction. Every day we have 3-6 kids over jumping and playing on it which Nathaniel quite likes and we do, too.

The only thing that I knew I'd have to eventually deal with was how to move the trampoline to mow under it so the grass doesn't grow into a jungle. On my last Harbour Freight order I had gotten a bargain deal for a couple of 10" wheels; they were only $5.99 each so I decided to get a pair. Afterwards I wish I had gotten four but I had to just figure out a way to do it with two.

On the springfree website they sell a set of trampoline moving wheels for $99 bucks but I just didn't like them and didn't want to spend the money on something I knew I could make for cheaper.

Over the last few weeks I've been mulling it over in my head how to build it so it's simple, quick, not too big to store and easy enough for Melanie to do it by herself (she usually mows the lawn).

Tonight I had my eureka moment and decide to get 'er done. Enjoy!


The moving wheels they sell online for $99 bucks
The 10" wheel I got from Harbour Freight

The parts cut and bent, ready for welding
The welded parts
With the wheel installed
Getting ready to weld on the retaining brackets
After the brackets were welded and bent to hook into the trampoline legs
One of the two wheels installed; it lifts the trampoline about an inch and a half
Another view
And straight on. All that's needed now is a good coat of paint and someone to mow the lawn

Angle grinder
Measuring tape
Drill press
Drill bits
MIG welder
Oxy/Acetylene torch

Two 10" wheels
1 foot of 2" x 2" angle iron
4 feet of 1" x 1/8" flat iron
2 feet of 3/4" x 3/4" square tubing
1 foot of 5/8" round steel
4 cotter pins




Looks good so far. They work for me but only time will tell if they work for Mel


mel said...

so that means 97.98 for me to spend on something coffee? hahahahaha

can't wait to try it out next time i mow the grass :)

love ya!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, how do you get the weels on "rolling"? Are the hucks above the weels lifting and lowering the trampuline? How is the practicality? May be a silly question for an "Eigenheer invention " !!! Love Muetti. Have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Did this work out well for you?? I am 67 and need a set so I can move tramp I set up for my grand kids. What would you charge for a set ?

Righton said...

can you post a video of you installing them and you moving the tramp?

Chris Eigenheer said...

@righton, sure, but you'll have to wait until spring; we currently have 6 feet of snow in our back yard...I'll make myself a reminder and post an update in June. hope that works for you.

Righton said...

i'll spend the 99 bucks, I don't have a $200 MIG welder, $45 grinder $150 drill press, $50 in hardware and materiels laying around my garage.

Chris Eigenheer said...

@righton. of course, but if you start with one tool and work your way up, you'll have the tools AND you'll save money. gotta start somewhere, but I understand that not everyone thinks like that...

Unknown said...

Brilliant - especially how you push the wheel assembly under and it lifts with a cam action. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I read this question above, but have not seen an answer. Are you willing to make a set and sell them? I literally cannot find anything that will work with the Springfree trampoline. I consider myself a pretty handy man, however I don't own most of the equipment you list above and I have never welded anything in my life. I would definitely spend $100 to buy a set of what you created!!!

Chris Eigenheer said...

@Unknown above, where do you live? Shipping might add a good chunk of $. Email me at eigenheerc at hot mail dot com

Ineet said...

Hi there

I live in the UK and am interested in if you’d be willing to create and how much you’d sell a set for?

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