Friday, June 28, 2013

Engine Support Bar

Build an engine support bar so I can fix our van's transmission

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

After I found a good picture of an engine support bar from Harbour Freight and Princess Auto I bought some 1"x2"x3/16" square tubing, some 1/2" threaded rod, some 3/16" chain and some 3/8" square steel and welded it all together. It was a fairly easy tool to make and cost me less than half of the one at Princess Auto.


This is what I was going to try to build
Welding the two square tubes together and once in the middle for extra strength
One of the two feet
Bending the hooks that hold the chains
Welding the nut that will lift up the chain
The two threaded rods and the crank nuts that lift/lower the engine
A little bit of paint makes it all nice and shiny
The other painted parts drying
The finished product
Close-up of one of the feet. I bought some rubber material at Princess auto and used the vise to crimp it in
Close-up of the lifting mechanism
In the car during the transmission fix project

MIG Welder
Drill press
Oxy/Acetylene torch

11 feet of 1"x2"x3/16 square steel tubing
3 feet of 3/8"x3/8" solid square steel
2 feet of 1/2"-16tpi threaded rod
4 washers
2 bolts (1/2"-16tpi)
1 foot of 4"x1/4" flat steel
6 feet of 3/16" chain




I couldn't have done without it. It worked like a charm!


Unknown said...

Thx Chris, gonna give it a go. Clutch job on a Citroen Berlingo needs doing.

Unknown said...

Man I have to give it to you that is a damn good fab job.

Anonymous said...

Hi I don't think 1"x2"x3/16 square steel is correct it should be 1"×2"× 0.120 inch more like it

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