Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fixing my Coffee Machine

Fixing the DeLonghi Rialto EAM 4500 fully automatic expresso machine.

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Last night I wanted to make a cup of coffee and join my son out on the deck for some daddy-son chats when the machine all of a sudden stopped working.

I've had to fix this machine before for various issues, which I consider regular "maintenance" but today it was sounding like it worked but no water came out.

After taking it apart and tracing the water lines it became apparent quite quickly that a "T-connector" had cracked and kinked one of the water lines.

About a year ago, Chris M, a wonderful coworker of mine, had given me an old broken Kuerig machine. I tried to fix it but it was too far gone so I stripped it of all its parts and put them all in a cardboard box. Lucky for me, there was a T-connector that would perfectly replace the one that was broken on my machine.

Once the machine was opened up, it was just a matter of taking off 3 clamps with a set of pliers, pull out the broken connector, put in the "new" connector and put the clamps back. After mounting the coffee machine panel with 6 screws it was all done and ready for many more coffees.

As a side note, I entered into diagnostics mode for fun to see how many coffees were brewed and I was blown away that we are at 14,340 cups of coffee and 3320 liters of water in just about 5 and a half years of owning the machine.

Considering that I save about $1.25 per cup of coffee, we already saved $18,000 by making our own coffee! I think the initial $800 investment has paid off!!!

The three silicone hoses after the T-connector was removed
The new T-connector from my coworker's Kuerig machine and two of the clamps
The machine after it was all put back together
Viewer Questions:
John asked a question about a leak in the back and send me a picture with an arrow of where he's thinking the leak occurs:

He then sent me a picture of the part he thinks might need to be replaced:

My suspicion is that the leak actually occurs where the nylon hose ties into the solenoid as I had that exact same issue with a different connection (circled green):

The way it works is there's a metal retaining ring crimped onto the water supply line and a little o-ring stuck on the end of it. Then, there's a small metal clip that locks onto the metal ring and holds the supply line in the connector. What I had to do is actually double up on the o-rings and stick two o-rings on the end of the protruding water line which sealed up once I pushed it into the connector and locked it in place with the little metal clip.

Here's a diagram of the connector:

I looked through my pictures and I couldn't find one where I actually took it apart but I do remember it well because there were a few places where I had to double up on the o-rings. I hope this helps someone else...

Needle nose pliers



1/2 hr


I love my coffee machine!!!


Loana said...

ps..I love your coffee machine too!!!

wk-eigenheer said...

Eigenheer with out coffee would be a big disaster!!!!!!!!!!!! Good the coffee is runing again in your cup and life. Love . An other Eigenheer !!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

I've had to fix this machine before delonghi esam3300 magnifica espresso machine for various issues, which I consider regular "maintenance" but today it was sounding like it worked but no water came out.

Unknown said...

Hey Chris, how did you enter diagnostic mode? I have the same espresso maker and it is very ill. Like you I have to try and fix it, last week was the furnace. Anyways Ive had mine roughly 5 years it would be fun to see who is the bigger drinker. Thanks

Chris Eigenheer said...

@JC Bendock, here's the info you requested: To get into Test Mode: press "one shot" plus "long shot" while plugging in the machine, to get into display module test mode: press "two shot" plus "long shot" while plugging in the machine

Elle said...

Hi Chris,

I am back but can not find the blog where i posted a few times. Can you please point me in a right direction.

I have a new problem - I get an error message - Close Door.....i cleaned inside of the machine, but it did not help. If I push really hard on the top right corner of the door , message disappears.
What do you think i have to do? Thank you for your help!!!

Chris Eigenheer said...

Elle, here's the link to the post you were referring to:

As for the close door error, it almost looks like the little tab that pushes into the hole at the top right is not making proper contact with the sensor. maybe the tab is bent too far down? or maybe the little switch inside has become loose and doesn't have enough interference to make the switch click...

Elle said...

Thank you!

Can you send me a picture of the little tab and the switch because I can not figure out what are you referring to.
Thank you!

Elle said...

Chris, never mind ...I got it fixed.....had to take apart the door and the nozzle from which espresso comes out, did not find any particular problem, but somehow fixed it.
I suspect one of the two things were not perfectly set - the small spring that is inside of the espresso nozzle or the door rod was slightly bent.
Anyway, now its working !!! Hopefully for a while :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, my machine is displaying general alarm message...nothing I do fixes the issue... do I need to take machine apart? I have cleaned and reset already...but still no go. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi, how did you reset it? Thanks

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