Saturday, March 11, 2017

Making A Pen Holder For My Markers

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I didn't realize how many times I have rummaged through my tray where I keep all my markers and pens so I decided I was gonna take an old piece of left-over 18-gauge rocker panel from a previous car repair and make me a marker holders.

All I had to do is measure, punch, pre-drill and then drill the holes to 5/8". After deburring the back, all I had to do is drill 4 more holes for the mounting screws and screw it into the bottom of my tool shelf.

I ended up taking it down again, drilling a bunch more 1/2" holes for my permanent jiffy markers and putting it back up.

It looks really nice and I'm sure will save me a lot of time in the future because I won't have to go digging through my marker tray.


Marking out the holes

The holes marked out

Punching a little divet with a center punch to make it easier to drill

Cutting off 10" on the metal band saw

De-burring it on my little bench top belt sander

Pre-drilling the holes with an 1/8" drill bit

Marking the step drill so I don't drill too deep

Drilling the holes into the metal

Hammering the burr flat

Marking out the holes to mount the holder

Installing the marker holder under my tool shelf

I drilled a bunch more smaller holes for the permanent jiffy markers

Another view

The finished shelf

Another view

Another view

What a beauty
Measuring tape
Center punchMetal band saw
Drill press
Drill bits
Bench top belt sander
Cordless drill

10" of 18-gauge sheet metal


1 hour

Not sure

This will save me a lot of time in the future. I'm glad I did this


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