Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Making a Bag Pipe Drone Stock

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

A gentleman from Moncton contacted me if I could make him some bag pipe drone stocks on my lathe and after looking at a sample he brought I took some measurements and started replicating. The steps were as follows:

1. Cut 6" pieces out of 2" solid Acetal
2. Chuck and indicate, then center drill the stock
3. Turn the outside down about 0.015" for a nice surface finish
4. Drill 4.500" deep, 1" wide
5. Bore 4.500" deep, 1.580" wide
6. Part off at 4.500"
7. Face the remaining 1.500" long piece
8. Turn it down about 0.015" for a nice surface finish
9. Flip it around and face the other side
10. Turn down 0.900" to a diameter of 1.560"
11. Thread at 32 TPI for the hemp to have something to grab on to
12. Flip it around and use a profile cutter to cut the curvature
13. Drill three 5/8" diameter holes spaced equally into the face


Turning the outside to 1.850"
The outside is finished
About half-way through with turning the outside
Done turning the outside
Drilling to 5/8"
Then drilling to 1.000"
Cooling the drill bits in flood coolant between usage
Almost done drilling

Another view
Boring 4.500" deep to 1.590" inside diameter
The parted off parts
Tools of the trade
Threading the 1.500" wide piece so the hemp will adhere better
Another step completed
Ready for the profiling
Using a custom-made profiling tool to cut the contour
The contoured piece
Getting ready to drill the 3 holes
In the midst of drilling the holes
Close-up of the drilling process
The finished part
Another view
View from the front
View from the top
Another view


Metal lathe & accessories
Metal band saw
Cordless drill

6" of 2" diameter acetal

16 hrs

This was a fun job. I love my lathe!


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