Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fixing Our Dyson DC-25 Vacuum

Fixing our dyson DC-25 vacuum that stopped working

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

My wife called me in a mad panic telling me that her Dyson DC-25 ball type vacuum had stopped working. I had a suspicion that it could be the plug since it's almost 6 years old. Unfortunately, the warranty has already run out so I knew I'd have do to some trouble shooting.

The steps I followed to diagnose the problem were as follows:

1. Test the switch to make sure it works
2. Test whether there's proper voltage when plugged in
3. Test the continuity of the hot wire from the plug to the switch
4. Test the continuity of the neutral wire from the plug to the switch

1-3 were all fine, but #4 was the issue. Looking at the plug, the neutral pin was wiggling around and combined with the loss of continuity I knew that was the problem.

Once I knew what the problem was, fixing it was very easy. Cut off the bad plug and install a new one. Vacuum's back up and running!


Taking all the accessories off the vacuum
Close-up of the back of the vaccum with the 3 holes holding the switch in place
Underneath the switch cover at the front
Switch is working
Voltage is definitely too low
Testing the resistance of the hot wire
Hot wire with proper (negligible) resistance
Testing the neutral wire
Neutral wire has too much resistance to the plug
Fixed vacuum
Heavy-duty plug
Side cutter
Multi meter

1 electrical plug


30 minutes


Vacuum is working again and my wife is very happy about it! Yes, she does love to's therapeutic for she says...


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