Sunday, December 20, 2015

Spindle Lock For My Emco Maximat V10 Metal Lathe

I ended up re-doing the spindle lock with a more Permanent Solution a few months later (see link)

Creating a way to lock the spindle of my metal lathe so I can change chucks

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Now that I have created a Back Plate For My 4-Jaw Chuck I found that it was a bit tedious to change the chucks because my lathe doesn't have a way to lock the spindle and the chuck is screwed onto the spindle.

I found a way to do it by inserting a punch through two holes in the spindle and then using a pry bar on the chuck side and a pipe wrench on the other side, but it was a bet tedious because I'd have to pull out the lathe stand, open the side cover and then try to hold all the different tools in place so I figured it would be a good idea to create a more permanent and easier to use solution.

The solution actually ended up fairly simple: I had to turn two pieces of metal, one that mounts to the spindle with two set screws into the two existing holes and a second one with a handle that can be attached to that first part actually keeping the spindle from turning.


Using a pry bar to lock the chuck in place
Using a punch and a pipe wrench to un-twist the chuck
Close-up of the punch and pipe wrench
Drilling the part that will mount to the spindle
Diagram of my measurements
Drilling with a 1" drill
Making sure the holes are aligned with those in the spindle
I had to use a rasp and grind off about 1/8" of the inside cover to allow me to easily open/close the cover
The outside view of where I had to grind off some aluminum
The adapter mounted on the spindle
After I cut some groves into the adapter
Using the set screws to tighten the adapter to the spindle
Another view
The adapter just barely sticking out of the side cover
The second part turned and welded to a 13.5" piece of metal
Another view
Close-up of the locked spindle
Another view
Cross-section of how I fastened the first part to the spindle
Angle grinder
MIG welder
Measuring tape
Metal lathe

3" of 1.25" cold rolled steel



No idea what this would have cost to have it fabricated. Probably at least $200 bucks

It works awesome and I have used it so many times already


Unknown said...

I have one of these and am looking to sell.
Please contact if interested!

Unknown said...

Hi! This is great. I just picked up a V10-P and am having trouble removing my chuck. Would you have any interest in making and selling another one of these?
You can email me at if you are.

Marcus said...

Hello. Any advise on how to remove the spindle? Regards Marcus

Chris Eigenheer said...

@Marcus. I'm not sure as I've never done it. but if you join the "Emco larger lathes" group on there are many threads on the topic

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