Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Scrap Metal Storage Shelf

Building a shelf for all my scrap metal pieces

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

About 5 years ago I bought some 6" sonotubes, cut them to 2ft lengths and tied them together with some ratchet straps to store my scrap metal. However, over the years, the weight of the metal squished the cardboard sonotubes and the shelf started leaning forward. It was getting worse and worse to the point where you would just lightly bump the shelf and the scrap metal would slide out so I knew I'd need to re-visit my scrap metal storage solution.

I liked the concept of using sonotubes because they're fairly cheap but they're not strong enough to hold the weight of all the scrap metal so I figured I could weld a solid shelf out of 3/4" by 3/4" square metal tubes for the strength but then use sonotubes cut in half I could create 35 compartments into which I could organized all the different types of scrap metal to find it easier.

I cut up eighteen 30" pieces, welded them horizontally every 4" to create 7 shelves, cut the sonotubes in half and then to 2ft lengths. All I had to do is slide them into the shelf and put in the metal.

The sides of the shelf
The front of the welded shelf
The new 12' sonotubes to replace the rest
The old, sad looking scrap metal storage
Another view of how it's leaning forward and squished
The old sonotubes that are all squished up
The welded shelf before putting in the sonotubes
After the first row of sonotubes was placed in the shelf
After all the sonotubes were placed in the shelf
The finished shelf in its place
After the scrap metal was sorted, organized and placed in the shelf
A close-up of the sorted scrap metal. From the bottom up:
Solid square, solid round, flat, angle, hollow square, hollow round
Table saw
Angle grinder
Belt sander
MIG welder
Soap stone pencil
Measuring tape

45' of 3/4" x 3/4" square tube (cut into 18-30" pieces)
7' of 1"x1/8" angle iron (cut into 4-20" pieces)
3-6" sonotubes, 12ft long (cut in half and then into 36-2ft pieces)

$75.00 ($27 for square tube, $4 for angle iron, $36 for sonotubes)


Not sure what this would have cost

Love it; now I can finally find my stuff!


Unknown said...

Great idea! I will adapt your rack to the space I have.

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