Friday, July 3, 2015

Building A Swing Bed For My Wife

Building a Swing Bed for my wife's Backyard Sun Shade Pergola

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

This one was actually a bit tricky for two reasons:

1. I wanted the swinging mechanism to be nice, smooth and quiet
2. I wanted to be able to turn the swing bed into a regular width swing

I decided to accomplish #1 by not using chains but to use bearings instead. Except for it took a little "Eigenheering" (as a friend of mine calls it) to get the support brackets just right. I could have just bought the ready-made bearing supports from Princess Auto but I didn't want to spend $120 on that alone so instead I bought 8 bearings for a couple bucks each and another $10 bucks worth of iron. And, now I can support at least 1200 pounds on those supports...

The bed frame was definitely a bit tricky because I'm chopping out a square piece in the middle essentially leaving two corners unsupported. So I had to do some doubling up of the 2x4's to make it strong enough.

The last thing I had to do is fit some cross-braces in the roof beams and cut 4 holes through the shade cloth (after I sewed a circle around the hole to prevent from tearing)

Now it's being used a lot and it definitely scored me some brownie points with my wife!


The "Eigenheering" diagram
After all the pieces were cut up
Starting the substrate/framing
The frame taking shape
Adding the arm rest support structure
Placing the back rest boards
Starting on the sitting area
The removable insert with the angle iron slides
Close-up of the center insert sliding mechanism
Almost done
With the center insert removed
Bending and welding the iron support brackets
The four support brackets when the welding was finished
Test install before painting
The support bracket at the back
Done and ready to hang
Placing it in its final position so I could mark out the support beams
Starting on the vertical rods
Welding some washers to the square tubing to make it stronger
All done
Close-up of the supporting square tubing
One of the top support brackets
All the iron work is done
Hanging the parts for painting
The rods after they were painted
All the iron parts painted, dried and ready to install
The top bracket installed (with the neighbor's pool in the background)
Bottom front support with bearing installed
Bottom rear support with bearing installed
Ellie testing it out
Testing with the center insert removed
The girls enjoying "their" new swing
Chop saw
Table saw
Drill press
Mig welder
Measuring tape
Nail gun
Jig saw
Angle grinder
Oxy/Acetylene torch
HVLP spray gun
Hand saw

8 2" bearings
6ft of 3/16"x 2" flat iron
2ft of 3/8" x 2/8" square iron
24ft of 3/4" x 3/4" square tubing
4ft of 3/4" x 3/4" angle iron
16 metal washers
8 3/8" x 1-1/4" bolts with nylon locking nuts
8 joist hangers



$200.00 or more

Love it. And my wife does too!


mel said...

I just had a wonderful nap on the swing! thank you!!!!

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