Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fixing Leak On My Delonghi EAM4500 Cappuccino Machine

Replacing the leaking silicone gaskets on my cappuccino maker

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

It's been about three years since I've last had to fix a Cappuccino Maker Leak so I didn't mind hauling out the tools for a good maintenance job. This time it certainly went quicker because I knew exactly what to do.

I spent a LOT of time researching and thinking about what kind of material I could use for a gasket last time around so this time it was just a matter of taking it apart, cutting the new gasket and putting it back together.

The parts that were taken off the machine
The machine without its covers
The old heating element gasket
The place where the heating element normally sits
Sand paper on my surface plate
Cleaning up the heating element
After the 2 heating element halves were refinished
The silicone baking pan I used for the special heating element gasket
Cutting it to approximate size
Applying the engineer's blue to the heating element
The imprint of the heating element clearly showing where the gasket goes
The old and the new gasket side by side
The new gasket installed in the heating element

Brewing a beautiful cup of java

Needle nose pliers
Socket set
Swiss army knife
Granite surface plate
Smooth small paint roller
Utility knife
Tap & die set

9" silicone baking pan for gasket material
KY (water-based, food grade, to lubricate o-rings)
Engineer's blue (paint)


2.5 hrs


Hope it lasts for another 3 years...


Anonymous said...

Hello my mum is hot a chain stuck in her grinder on her delonghi magnifica and now is struggling to put the grinder back together just wondering if you knew many thanks

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, i'm not sure I understand your question. you can email me at eigenheerc at hot mail dot com if you have any specific questions. i looked through my pictures and couldn't find any of the grinder.

Unknown said...

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