Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bedroom Window

Fix our bedroom window

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

After one of our ridiculous snow storms back in February I was out on the back snow blowing my deck and noticed that somehow the bedroom window was cracked. We put a piece of black plastic on the inside to block out the light which (I'm assuming) heated up the window to such a high temperature that it cracked. That would also be the reason I didn't notice it until looking at it from the outside.

On one of my trips to Home Depot with my two oldest kids I asked the window guy if there was a way to just replace the window pane and not having to take the entire window out of the house so he showed me and it was actually remarkably easy to do.

Ordering the window took a little while, but the guys at Mitten (formerly Procana) have always been excellent in helping me out. And, they charged me less than $50 bucks. Way less than any other window place (the highest quote I got for the same window was $180 + tax)

All I had to do is jam my Swiss army knife can opener between the frame and the trim of the window, remove the 4 plastic trims, pull out the old pane, put the new one in and re-install the trim.

Aside from the double-sided tape that made it a little bit tricky to get the old window out and a few minutes of cleaning up that tape it went pretty smooth and was done in under an hour and less than $50 bucks.

The broken window pane
The plastic trim holding in the pane with some black duct tape residue
After the trim was removed 
After the window frame was cleaned up
Putting new double-sided tape on the frame
A view from the bedroom
The new window pane
After it was installed and putting the blackout plastic pieces back on

Swiss army knife

New window pane
Double sided foam tape



Probably at least $100 bucks

New and shiny now!


Unknown said...

I had a similar problem. I find pulling out the plastic trims with a knife difficult as I almost scratched the glass one. I decided to make a small opening and place a rubber spatula under the trim. I don’t know if the trim's glue was weak, or if I got lucky, but it worked perfectly. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions

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