Monday, May 19, 2014

Re-Fabricate BBQ Drip Tray

A friend of mine asked me if I could have a look at his BBQ drip tray and fix it so after I got it I was quite shocked to see that there wasn't much left of it. Originally I thought I could patch it up but after I saw the state in which it was in the only option was a complete re-build.

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

After I laid the drip tray on my work bench and straightened it out as much as possible I took the measurements and went through my metal storage bin to see if I had any suitable material to make a replacement drip tray. Luckily I had a few metal shelves lying around that I had picked up a few years ago that was made out of heavy duty metal (probably at least 2mm thick). It just happened to be the right width (12") and was almost 4' wide (I needed 34.5").

After cutting the shelf to size I took a 3/4" square tube and cut it diagonally to give me two 12" pieces of 3/4" angle iron (I didn't have any angle iron in my stash). Using my trusty MIG welder I tacked it in a few places to make sure it was square, then finished tack-welding it at the bottom.

Needless to say, this drip tray will last for a LONG time. At least as long as the BBQ.

The rusted out drip tray
From the top
The shelf I had lying around
After it was cut, bent and the sides welded on
Another view
Close-up of the tack welds
The tack welds on the bottom
The finished drip tray

Angle grinder
Measuring tape
Ear muffs
Bench grinder
MIG welder

1 steel shelf
12" of 3/4" steel tubing


1.5 hrs

No idea, probably at least $40

I've already received some nice pictures of BBQ'd meat so it seems to work just fine


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