Wednesday, January 22, 2014

HydraSense Saline Spray Refill

Refill the HydraSense saline spray bottle

Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane):

A while back we bought some HydraSense saline nasal spray ( that was supposed to be da bomb and all natrual and such and I figured for $15 bucks a bottle it better be. Surprisingly it actually worked quite well to clear out the sinuses and with this nasty bug going around lately we've found renewed use for the spray. However, it was getting low in its miracle solution and I most certainly wasn't gonna spend another $15 bucks for 135ml of sea water so I figured it would be worth trying to refill the bottle.

After reading the bottle it clearly stated that it contains 100% sea water. Well what a rip-off! Since I had some sea salt in our spices cabinet all I had to do was find out what percentage of sea water was actual salt. Since Google is such a faithful friend of mine it didn't take long to find that 1L of sea water contains 35g of salt.

Doing a little math (here's for you students: stay in math class!!!) I calculated that 200ml of water (one fifth of a liter) plus 7g (one fifth of 35g) of sea salt would make up 100% pure sea water.

All I had to do is boil all the potentially nasty bugs out of the tap water for a few minutes, add the salt, load up a syringe with some left-over rubber o-rings from my cappuccino maker project (Take 1Take 2 and Take 3) and re-fill the bottle.

Le voila! Saved $15 bucks for exactly...wait for it...ZERO dollars! Take that HydraSense!!!

Measuring 7g of sea salt
Adding 200ml of water
Sticking a couple of o-rings on a syringe I had from feeding our babies
Filling 'er up, 20ml at a time

Mini scale

7g sea salt
200ml tap water


20 minutes

$15 bucks

Works like a charm


Anonymous said...

You're wrong buddy. HydraSense saline spray is 'sourced' from 100% sea water but it is desalinated from sea water hypertonic levels down to 0.9% and treated. Sea salt is made for your mouth, not your nose. It may not be clean enough. Why boil tap water when you can buy 4 litres of distilled water for under 2 bucks? You can buy HydraSense in packets to mix with water, again cheap. Their stuff is designed to go up your nose, it's clean. You're so wrong dude. Your mixture is too salty, may cause irritation and takes longer than doing it right.

Chris Eigenheer said...

Sounds like you're a rep for HydraSense...

Anonymous said...

No I'm not, I was just being nosy. I first started doing the wash over 20 years ago. Check out my personal web-site for my DIY on nasal wash:

olan said...

I've tried that method and it works just fine. You can even add a few drops of alcohol ( Vodka is good) to better disinfection.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Was curious how to refill this thing on my own...

Anonymous said...

I'd like to try this but I do not have o-rings (I don't know what they are either). Think it will work without the o-rings?

Anonymous said...

I tried to refill, could not get past the valve. Then!! I have several old nasal spray bottles, (Dr. says do not use this stuff). So I cleaned one out and refilled with your sea salt mix. Great!

Anonymous said...

I have tried, it is impossible to refill. The syringe doesn't go through.

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