Sunday, November 18, 2012

Door Handle

Fixing a broken door handle for a friend of mine

After taking it apart I found out that one cast aluminum part had broken off on one side. I tried to weld it but aluminum is notoriously hard to weld so I ended up fabricating a simple metal bracket to hold the broken side in place.

Right beside the left vertical "tube" at the bottom was a flat piece with a hole in it that allowed this piece to be tied down but it broke off
The fabricated piece of metal that will tie the aluminum piece to the door
The fabricated metal piece in the place where it will hold down the aluminum piece
Installed in the door
Another view, you can see the screw through the metal piece at the bottom left
The door handle after it was removed. The set screw was all mashed up so I had to drill it out, re-tap the handle and find a black screw from my bin of left-over screws
After the broken set-screw was replaced on the handle with a new one
Installed door handle. Works great now!
Outside view


Drill, screwdriver, angle grinder, bench top grinder, oxy/acetylene torch, hammer

A scrap piece of metal and a left-over screw from my bin



Depending on the cost of a replacement door handle. Maybe $150.00. Or, if the broken part is one that could be replaced, then it would be $10 bucks, maybe $15?

Success. I hope it will last.


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