Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fixing A Play Table

Our church nursery had these neat little plastic tables the 2-4 year old kids use for their snack but unfortunately one of the legs on one of the tables broke off. They were going to throw it out but I figured it would be worth a try to fix it.

The first thing I had to do is to get the broken piece of the leg out of the table top. Because it was really stuck and I had no surface to hold on to, I split the table top in half, then used one of the good legs and a hammer to punch out the broken off piece. Next I used the air die grinder to roughen up the inside of the leg to provide a better surface for the glue. After spreading a layer of epoxy glue, I rolled up the fiberglass cloth and pushed it into the glue. Once the glue set, I put a layer of epoxy glue on the broken off piece, slipped that over the fiberglass that was sticking out and made sure it made good contact. After another 5 minutes of setting time, I mixed up another batch of glue and spread it evenly on the inside over the fiberglass cloth. Then I cleaned up the outside and voila, it was done.

Here's the table with the one leg that was broken off

The little piece of the leg that was jammed into the under-side of the table.

Nathaniel explaining to me how we can fix the leg

Another close-up of the broken off piece once the top half of the table-top was removed

Using a good leg to punch out the broken-off piece

Finally got the piece removed

After the first layer of epoxy glue inside of the larger part of the leg

A close-up view of the inside of the leg

Once I put the small piece on and glued the fiberglass mesh to it

A close-up of the inside of the completed leg

Mixing up the last batch of epoxy glue

All fixed

Final result


Screw driver, scissors, air die grinder

Epoxy glue, fiber glass cloth




Success. I hope it will last.


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